In the News: New Albany Transportation Center

new Albany transportation center

Did you hear the big news? Things in Albany are starting move! The city finally broke ground on what will become the new Albany transportation center earlier this month.

The Details

The new Albany transportation center will replace the old one at the same location, 300 West Oglethorpe Blvd. The long-awaited project overcame many obstacles in the 23 years leading up to the groundbreaking.

Everything from environmental issues to funding were addressed during the in-depth development process. According to reports, the new Albany transportation center will cost an estimated $11.5 million, 80 percent of which will be federally funded.

The new center will offer more public transportation options, Greyhound and local taxi services. Additionally, the building will have improved safety and security measures, including updated compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. In a nutshell, this means more accessible points for those with disabilities.

Plus, there will be wireless internet access, computer access, charging stations and meeting rooms available to both residents and visitors as needed.

What’s Happening Now

With construction for the new Albany transportation center underway, the current Albany Transit and Greyhound services have been temporarily relocated to 110 West Mercer Ave., formally known as First Tee, behind the James H. Gray Civic Center.

The new center is expected to serve more than 650,000 passengers a year once it is completed and operational. The projected timeline for completion is about 14 months.

For questions or updates about the project, contact Gwendolyn McDaniel, customer service manager and transit planner, at  229-302-1534 extension 711 or email [email protected]


The Albany transportation center will be about a 10-minute drive from Summer Tree Apartment Homes. Whether you have friends and family coming into town or you need computer access, the center will be a convenient addition to our town.

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