Things to Do: Fall Food Gardening Workshops in Albany

Fall Food Gardening Workshops in Albany

Have you always been interested in gardening, but don’t know where to start? Flint River Fresh is planting seeds of growth through their Fall Food Gardening Workshops in Albany now through November.

Mark your calendar

First things first. Did you know Flint River Fresh, our local community garden, has a YouTube channel? They do! It’s a good place to begin since there is a library of short live demonstrations or explanations on topics such as common gardening tools and gardening maintenance.

Currently, Flint River Fresh is focusing on fall fruits and vegetables as well as planning for next summer’s garden.

The Fall Food Gardening Workshops in Albany include the following in-person classes at the Fifth Avenue Garden.

  • 27th: 9 a.m., Growing Asian Greens: Learn how to plant and care for mustard, turnips and Asian greens.
  • 10th: 10 a.m., Growing Lettuce, Spinach, Carrots & Radishes: From planting to fertilizing to harvesting, get the basics on growing lettuce and more.
  • 24th: 10 a.m., Fall Pruning & Maintenance of Fruit Trees: Find out how to carefully tend your peach, plum, blueberry, apple or pear trees.
  • 22nd: 11 a.m., Growing Strawberries: Discover the right time to plant strawberries plus how to water, fertilize and more.
  • 5th: 11 a.m., Growing Garlic & Onions: Get ready to add flavor to your dishes by learning how to grow your own garlic and onions.

Throughout the Fall Food Gardening Workshop schedule there are also several YouTube videos that will be added to library.

A few include topics like knowing which bugs are helpful and which aren’t in addition to cooking both your summer and fall bounties.

Get social

Whether you want to start a container garden or help in the community garden, find out more about what’s happening at Flint River Fresh on Facebook and Instagram.


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