Coming Soon: Habitat for Humanity Clothing Store in Albany

Habitat for Humanity Clothing Store in Albany

Community service creates a strong quality of life. From the person who serves it to the person who receives it, it is the way a community and its people grow and develop. With that, we welcome the upcoming addition to the Flint River ReStore, which is the Habitat for Humanity clothing store in Albany.

Habitat for Humanity

Before we dive into the new clothing store, let’s learn what exactly Habitat for Humanity is.

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places they can call home. They believe that affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities.

So, who is Habitat for Humanity? It’s people in your community and all over the world! With the support of their community and you, Habitat homeowners can achieve the strength, stability, and independence they need to build a better, more secure life for themselves and their families.

The Habitat ReStores are independently owned and operated by your local Habitat for Humanity organization. ReStores run off of donations and sell a diverse inventory of high-quality goods to the public at a fraction of their original retail price. Sales of donated items help Habitat for Humanity to be able to partner with local families to build, rehabilitate, and repair affordable homes in your area.

Albany Habitat for Humanity clothing store

Separate from the main ReStore that sells furniture, appliances, hardware, and much more, the new Habitat for Humanity clothing store in Albany will offer clothes, shoes, and accessories. These items are all gently used and priced far lower than their original retail price.


This new addition to the Flint River Habitat for Humanity ReStore will take the place of the former Pier One Imports store on Dawson Road. It can be found at 2620 Dawson Road in Albany.


The new Habitat for Humanity clothing store in Albany plans to open soon. Support your community and those around you when you shop and donate to this new ReStore clothing store.

Ready to support and give back to your community? Luckily for our Summer Tree residents, we are located just eight minutes away from this new store’s location! For more local news and updates, continue reading our blogs.

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