Now Open: Decanter and The Tavern in Albany

Decanter and The Tavern in Albany

Two restaurants. Two different concepts. One location. We’re talking about the now-open Decanter and The Tavern in Albany on North Westover Boulevard. 

About Decanter and The Tavern in Albany

To clarify, Decanter and The Tavern in Albany actually opened in mid-July, offering dinner service with reservations at Decanter and lunch service at The Tavern. More specifically, Decanter is the perfect place for a fine dining experience, while The Tavern dishes up “elevated pub food.” 

Some of you may be thinking Decanter sounds familiar. That’s because it is. The restaurant, also known as Decanter International Chop House, opened in October 2022 at Stone Bridge Country Club. But now Decanter and The Tavern in Albany are like new—new equipment, new location, new décor—adding to the restaurant scene on the northwest side of town. 

Guests will find a wide variety of dishes, representing cuisine from around the world, with high-quality cuts of meat and fresh seafood. The menus also include an extensive selection of bourbon and wine, along with other specialty cocktails. 

More about the restaurants

Once again, the two restaurants in one location serve different menu items. Visitors to Decanter can expect unique, extravagant dishes featuring Angus filets, prime ribs, Maine lobster tails, shrimp and more. 

At The Tavern, the daytime ambiance is more casual. The menu includes small plates, handheld sandwiches, fresh salads and Neapolitan pizzas, for example. 


Are you wondering where, exactly, you will find two restaurants under one roof? The answer lies at 629 N. Westover Blvd., which happens to be less than three miles from Summer Tree Apartment Homes.

So, you can be wining and dining with your special someone or laughing with friends at the pub after about an eight-minute drive. 

To make reservations at Decanter or to learn more about The Tavern, call (229) 304-4500. 


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